Side Burns Transplant

Sideburns is an important facial hair feature that gives masculine look to men. The healthy looking sideburns make most of men confident about themselves while they interact among their friends. But the sideburns might get damaged due to one or more factors like – accidents, trauma, physical health condition, after effects of a facial surgery, or even genetic incompatibility to grow facial hair. Whatever the reason is, but hope is just a call away to Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery for many men in India who are craving for those long and impressive sideburns, but at the most reasonable facial hair transplant cost in India.

Our sideburns transplant procedure is simple and least time consuming. Complete or partial hair restoration is possible depending on the degree of hair loss and sideburns transplant performed. Facial hair are important for every man like you, if you have lost facial hair or sideburns, we might have the right hair restoration or sideburns transplant procedure for you.

The process we follow-

After consulting with you, we at DR. PENTYALA’S COSMETIC SURGERY design a customized sideburns transplant program for you. it’s beneficial to discuss the expected results, side effects, risk factors, time and cost involved in the beginning itself. The real time hair restoration takes only a few hours of your time and is done with precision and expertise of our experienced surgeons only.

They will consult you about the precautions, cost of facial hair transplant in India, and care needed after the sideburns transplant. The facial hair will be restored and will start growing like normal once again within a time period of six to eight weeks. To make the most out of your sideburns transplant, please understand some important facts related to sideburns transplant below-

  • You might experience little inflammation right after the surgery which vanishes very soon but in case it persists, consult your surgeon immediately,
  • The appearance of reddishness on the operated area,
  • You can perform all your daily activities within a 24 hour’s time period from the surgery with ease.
  • You will be required to follow the shaving and grooming instructions given by your surgeon during consultation.
  • It is also very important that you have a clear picture in your mind about the sideburns transplant. The realistic expectations will make this transformation easier for you.
  • Fresh hair will start growing after six to eight weeks. These can be shaved, trimmed and groomed just like normal hair.

The growth of facial hair will be just like normal and you will experience a wide improvement in your masculine looks as well as confidence. Our sideburns transplants are meant for those who have lost it due to accident, injury, surgical aftereffects and medication’s side effects. People who have problem of no facial hair at all due to genetic problems can also find the perfect solution with us. We help them grow fresh facial hair by performing the needed level of sideburns transplant.

So, whatever may be the reason, your dream of possessing those healthy facial hair, moustache and sideburns can become a reality with Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery. To know more about our sideburns procedure and transplant specifications, do call us right away!