Facial Fat Grafting Surgery

Though fat transplantation has caught up popularity in recent years, the concept is nothing new. Back in 1893, fat autografts were used to fill soft tissue defects. The first instance of using abdominal fat to correct defects in the chin and malar areas was done back in 1909. Today, facial fat grafting has become a widely accepted treatment to cure lack of volume around facial regions. At Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, we aim to introduce facial fat grafting as a popular cosmetic procedure for the masses.

Although exact statistics aren’t available, cosmetic surgeons estimate that number of people going for facial fat grafting in increasing by 40% every year in India. Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery does facial fat grafting at the lowest cost in India.

The process

Also referred to as facial fat rejuvenation, micro lipo injection and autologous fat grafting, FFG is the process of harvesting fats from one part of the body to re-implant it in places that lack volume or could look better with more volume. Facial fat grafting is commonly done to the lips, nasolabial folds, cheeks, area under the eye and other parts of the face. At Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, our procedures are minimally-invasive and are a perfect solution to common problems like acne scars, facial rhytids, lip augmentation, acid burns, glabellar furrows, double chins, wrinkles, smile lines, skin depressions in the face and signs of ageing. We also help in the pre and post operation session that includes discussion on facial fat grafting cost in India and facial fat grafting recovery time and process.

Since FFG is injectable filler, the results feel naturally soft and don’t cause any immune problems. Fats can be harvested from your abdomen, thighs or buttocks, without any side effect.

Why Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery is backed a long history of clinical database and has been successfully operating on hundreds of facial fat grafting procedures every year. Patients with a vast range of skin types, colors, ages and skin conditions have been serviced by a highly professional team of plastic surgeons in Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery.

  • Amazing facilities: We use a versatile range of equipment that delivers speed, precision and performance. Our infrastructure supports a complete spectrum of surgical and aesthetic capabilities. There are several advantages when you choose to undergo facial fat grafting from Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, including:
  • Expert team: Led by the immense experience of Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala we have built one of the best cosmetic surgical team. No procedure is challenging because of the versatile expertise of the doctors.
  • High end infrastructure: We ensure a minimalistic invasive procedure when it comes to cosmetic cures like facial face grafting. The highly controlled equipment at our facilities presents almost immediate results and makes you naturally beautiful within weeks.
  • Intensive patient care: Our success rate has been cent percent all throughout our career. This has only been possible by the expert patient care that our facility is equipped to deliver.
  • Low cost: Its reasonable cost factor appeals to the widest range of budget levels.

If you have been looking for guaranteed results at the lowest prices, Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery is the place to go. Facial face grafting is not a treatment restricted to the rich anymore.