Mustache Transplant

Loss of hair, patchiness and baldness do not always confine themselves to your scalp. In many cases, these problems are faced while dealing with facial hair. For people who like growing a mustache, there might be cases of irregular hair growth, bald patches, hair fall and stunted growth. Growing a moustache is considered to be important by many men for different reasons.

A properly grown mustache can add a lot to your appearance and personality, and has long been considered a serious fashion statement. If you are facing these aforementioned problems growing a mustache, you might need cosmetic surgery to alleviate these problems and get the healthy, growing mustache that you always wanted. At Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you achieve this with our world class facial hair transplant in India.

What is Mustache Transplant?

Mustache transplant or facial hair transplant in India involves treatment of mustache hair by using hair grafts from another part of the body, usually the back of the head. Due to the abundant amount of hair people have on their heads, this treatment is particularly effective in treating any abnormality in the appearance and growth of your mustache. During the mustache transplant process, patients are put under local anesthesia.

We use the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique to extract hair from the head along with the hair roots. Particular care is taken to preserve the hair density from the donor area to avoid abnormalities in appearance. The hair thus extracted is then grafted on to the mustache area along with the roots using a punching technique that leaves no scars. The transplanted hair eventually falls off, while leaving the hair root inside the mustache area, which starts sprouting new hair naturally after a duration of time, resulting in consistent, even hair growth for your mustache.

With minimal hassle and a short recovery period, you can regain normal hair growth for your mustache thanks to the lowest cost of facial hair transplant in India offered by us at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery.

Why Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery

We understand that many men value their mustaches as an integral part of their appearance and style. We converse freely with every patient and understand their exact goals regarding their mustache and then suggest apt cost of facial hair transplant in India. We then chart a course for the best surgical method to achieve those goals in a minimally invasive and painless manner, using their own hair derived from a strategically decided donor site. The whole process taken very little time and post-surgical recovery is rapid and painless. Through the use of the latest techniques and the expertise of our cosmetic surgeons, we can bring you high quality results that will leave you satisfied and pleased with your appearance. Our mustache transplant is a complete, permanent solution for all hair problems you face with your mustache area.

If you want to sport a healthy mustache and combat your hair problems, come straight to us at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery. With our exceptional surgery at the lowest cost of facial hair transplant in India, we can help you achieve the exact look you want.