Eyelash Transplant

The contribution of eyelashes towards the symmetry of the face cannot be ignored. They also play a crucial role in the appearance of self to others. No doubt, absence of eyelashes may lead to lack of confidence in a person. He or she may feel quite low about his/her looks. This is the reason why we are here to help you get back the lost confidence. At Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, we have pioneered the advancement of eyelash transplant in India through our state of the art facial hair transplant clinic in India. The in-depth experience of our reputed surgeons has allowed us to carry successful eyelash transplant surgery at amazingly affordable costs. The transplantation or rather say the ‘reconstructive surgery’ carried out by our surgeons can restore the eyelashes, hence helping you get the look you have always desired for.

More About Eyelash Transplant at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery

We have experience across multiple eyelash transplant surgeries, not only for cosmetic but medical purposes as well. At Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, we follow very strict measures and the right methodology for this kind of transplant. It starts by numbing a small region on the back of the head, particularly the scalp. The scalp area on which anesthetic was used is then removed surgically and the wound is closed by applying stitches.

The strip of scalp is then handed over to our experts who split the hair tissue into sole hair follicular grafts. After that, the grafts are then implanted one by one into the upper region of the eyelid. Our surgeons know how to make efficient use of the curved needle to carry out the transplant without leaving any scope for error. In general, it takes more or less 4 hours to complete the transplant.

Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery provides expert guidance on pre-operative precautions and post operative care regime to be taken after eyelash transplant. Since it is very near to eyes, a sensitive organ, we strongly emphasize following the recommended level of care needed to ensure that the transplant is counted as a success story for us.

Reasons to go for Eyelash Transplant

Here are some of the situations in which an Eyelash Transplant becomes necessary:

  • Physical injury leading to scarring of the eyelashes, such as road accidents, thermal burns, chemical burns, industrial accidents, tattoos on or the region around the eyelid, frequent use of false eyelashes, etc.
  • Surgical and medical treatments can also be the reasons. Tumor or injury treatment leads to removal of eyelash and its follicles, as well as tissue scarring. Sometimes, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also lead to loss of eyelashes.
  • Some people have this compulsive behavior of plucking their eyelashes or other body hair. This kind of compulsive behavior is termed as Trichotillomania. In case you regret your actions and want to regain your lost look, we can definitely help you out with our Eyelash Transplant surgery.

If you too have suffered from any of these problems then do not delay your visit to our world class facial hair transplant clinic in India.