Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery in India

The Adam's apple is one of the most noticeable gender-related differences between men and women. In men and some women, the small bump known as the Adam's apple is formed when the thyroid cartilage on the throat is large and projects forward.

The tracheal shave, widely known as Adam's apple reduction surgery, is one of the procedures that's most commonly included in facial feminization surgery.

Medically speaking, a tracheal shave is also one of the simplest operations many people will undergo as part of their gender transition. In this post, we'll talk about why tracheal shaves are so often sought by patients as part of facial gender surgery.

Who is the right candidate for Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery?

The procedure is suitable for transgender women or gender-expansive patients having prominent Adam's apple. Individuals seeking the procedure should have good overall health. Should have realistic expectations from the procedure and should have an optimistic mindset for the procedure. Procedure.

Recovery from Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery:

For most of the patients, Adam's apple shave is a pain-free process. There is redness, bruising, and swelling near the incision site, so it's important that the patient follows the doctor's instructions to clean the sutured incision. The patient may complain of difficulty in swallowing after the surgery, so he/she should be given soft foods.

There may be a noticeable scar or not will depend on many things like the skill of the surgeon, the biological tendency of the patient to form a scar tissue, and the care of the incision site after the stitches are removed.

What is the cost of Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery in Bangalore?

Adam's apple reduction is highly customized to suit the needs of the patient also, variety of factors must be evaluated before the precise cost can be determined. Adam's apple reduction cost in India starts from 1,00,000/- rupees.

Next steps after Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery?

Different surgeons use different surgical approaches to facial feminization and Adam's apple reduction. Before you commit to any specific procedure, we recommend that you carefully consider your healthcare options. An Adam's apple reduction is most efficiently performed as part of a cluster of facial feminization procedures.

Discussing your final goals during a consultation with Dr. Kishore can help you to plan for the best result for your feminine transformation.