Cheek Lift Surgery

As people grow old, different signs of aging start showing up. Well, the exhausted cheek tissue often leads to disappearing of the cheekbones. In other words they turn out to be less prominent. As a result, it gives rise to a hollow look, particularly around the eyes. This causes a disturbing facial appearance. Fortunately, a Cheek Lift can help bring back the lost charm of your face. With our cheek lift surgery competencies at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery, we can restore the lost look of your face by repositioning the tissue over and surrounding the cheekbones. It helps restore a more youthful and prominent facial outline. We provide complete assistance and sound guidance regarding cheek lift plastic surgery and its different facets.

What Is a Cheek Lift Surgery?

If the aging process is taking a toll on your cheeks, it’s time to connect with Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery. In this kind of surgery, our surgeons work on the upper check and the portion under the eyelid. Also sometimes referred to as mid-face lift, in this surgery we try to successfully reinstate the fullness of cheeks by softening the deep lines starting from the bend of the nose to that of the mouth. We also work on the outer region of the eyebrow. As a result, our patients get back their youthful appearance without undergoing any kind of physical or mental pain.

Our Approach Towards Cheek Lift Surgery

During the Cheek Lift plastic surgery, our surgeons at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery haul up the fat pad present in the cheek; also known as the malar fat pad. Working on this part of the cheek adds more richness and visual beauty to the cheeks and eyes. Through our outcomes and the experience our surgeons have gained over the time has definitely proved that the result obtained through Cheek Lift surgery are quite permanent when compared to that of injectable surgery. This is the reason why our patients have huge faith on our way of working. Whenever any patient contacts or visits our clinic, our first or the most important priority is helping him or her understand the procedure of the surgery and the prospects related to it, including cheek lift surgery cost in India. We always work with the motive to bring back that lost confidence within you, by making you look even better than before.

Our surgeons make use of the endoscope for carrying out this surgery. This enables them to visualize images of the internal structures of the body beneath the skin through tiny incisions. The almost non-visible incisions offer a pain-free way to carrying out the surgical procedure. Through the incisions, the cheeks are lifted upward, instead of doing sideways. This is the reason why we are able to accomplish more natural appearing and amazingly natural outcomes with our patients. This expertise allows us to execute cheek lift surgery at very low cost in India.

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