Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery should not be mistaken as hair replacement, in terms of hair or wig. Hair replacement is all about using human hair or synthetic hair to cover the bald spot, whereas hair replacement surgery needs professionalism to blend the hair styling into the natural hairline. The hair pieces are actually adhered over the bald space using tape, liquid adhesives, or clips. These may cause some trouble and pain to the fragile hair follicles. However, hair transplant system is permanent and will not require regular maintenance. For those who wonder if hair transplant surgery is worth it, the hair transplant surgery will either restore or replace the lost hair or the improper hairline of an individual.

Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery has a team of recommended surgeons for hair transplant. We aim to provide perfect hair solutions to individuals who have high expectations for the fine hair transplant solutions. With the best team of surgeons from across the globe, we will help you in making a right decision for your hair. Our surgeons have in-depth experience as well as strong expertise in the line of cosmetic implants; hence we are a renowned name in the field for giving the best service to our customers.

Hair transplant at Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery

The hair transplant system at our clinic is not just related to regaining the lost hair. Rather we closely work with our clients and help them in achieving the best and aesthetic looks in order to get back the lost look and confidence. There has been a lot of experience and research put into by our surgeons in order to excel in the hair transplant field, so that our clients are assured that they are going to receive quality hair surgery. This makes hair transplant surgery worth it at our clinic. We are proud to mention that our team of hair transplant system includes some of the finest names from various professional fields.

How it works?

The system of hair transplant works using the own hair of an individual and making the entire process impossible for being rejected. In order to understand the process in simple terms, you need to think of a garden, and placing the plants from back garden to front garden. Further, the planted hair will be permanent and you can treat it as you treat your original hair. You can even dye, straighten, style and curl your hair transplanted as per your needs.

Benefits with us?

  • We provide you fastest healing time along with invisible scarring
  • We make sure that you get consistent results through extraction and implantation of hair grafts.
  • We guarantee you with maximum survival rate and best results through our special implanters as well as advanced techniques.
  • Affordable rates and quality outcomes.

We will make sure that our clients receive more 95% of growing hairs even after a year from the hair transplant surgery. Till date, we have given 100% satisfaction to all our customers with our standard hair treatments.

Get a hair transplant done today by our recommended surgeons for hair transplant and let the world look at the real you!