Eyebrow Bone Reduction Surgery in Bangalore

A protruding forehead is an essential masculine feature on the face of a man. For this reason, most women and few men who have a protruding forehead opt for remedies that can help reduce or eliminate such a forehead. In such cases, the best method to undergo is the brow bone reduction procedure.

What is Eyebrow Bone Reduction Surgery?

An incision is made, either within the hair, where it is effectively concealed right immediately, or just in front of the hair, allowing for further hairline correction. Scars from hairline incisions are usually difficult to notice after a few months, but they can be rather apparent at first. The brow bone and orbital rims are decreased by this incision. The highbrow bone can be softened and rounded, and the eyes can be made to seem brighter and more open. We can also raise the brows and shape them to produce a more feminine brow curve.

Brow bone reduction can also be referred to as forehead contouring, Neanderthal forehead surgery, or forehead reshaping surgery. It’s an effective procedure capable of transforming a prominent male forehead into the average feminine range. This approach is one of the main facial feminization surgery procedures. In most cases, forehead contouring is done along with hairline lowering or brow lift due to surgical site location. This results in an excellent aesthetic look.

Who is the right candidate for Eyebrow bone reduction surgery?

If you are a generally healthy adult who believes that your forehead and brow are detracting from your look, you are an excellent candidate for forehead reduction or Brow Bone Reduction. You might be an ideal candidate for brow bone reduction surgery if you:

  • Are an adult
  • Have excess protruding brow ridges or forehead that makes you look more masculine
  • Wish to modify their male characteristics and carve feminine forehead appearance
  • Have uneven forehead surfaces or protruding regional bone
  • Have eye sockets that are sunken or cross canthus or eye tail that is droopy because of the protruding brow ridges
  • Are in need of facial reconstruction surgery

Recovery and results After Eyebrow bone reduction surgery

Most brow bone reduction procedures are conducted on an outpatient basis. However, some people might be required to remain in the hospital overnight for further monitoring and observation. The physician will remove the sutures on your first post-operative appointment after five days of the surgical procedure.

Swelling and bleeding are typical side effects that can last for two weeks, with moderate swelling lasting for two months. Also, brow bone pain is normal among patients, but it is easily handled and controlled with appropriate aftercare. After a week, patients will return to their normal schedule. However, one should refrain from certain strenuous activities for up to one month.

For a more natural impact, the surgeon will curve the hairline scar at an irregular angle. It will be red and prominent at first, but it will be less evident after about six weeks as hair begins to grow over the fine scar. It would take about a year for the scar to mature.

The visibility of the scar will depend on the hair density at the back of the hairline. The scar won’t be easily noticeable if the hair is denser as the hair roots that have been pressed on beneath the scar grow in the scar. For a person with thin hair, the scar could be more visible as you pull your hair backward. Temporary numbness is likely to occur in any region where the surgeon performs the bone work. Based on where the operation was conducted, these areas may include the forehead, scalp, jaw, chin, or cheeks. This arises when the soft tissue separates from the bony area.

What is the cost of Eyebrow bone reduction surgery in Bangalore?

The total cost of the eyebrow bone reduction surgery takes various factors into consideration. Some of the factors are the expertise of the surgeon, consistency, and safety track record of the surgeon, and extent of surgery. Some of the factors such as anaesthesiologist’s expertise, in addition to staff support and quality of post-operative services, type of hospital facility, and technology in the operation theatre and sterilization precisions used for the surgery decide the cost. The cost of each Eyebrow bone reduction surgery is as unique as you are depending upon the cost of surgery and other factors cost will vary from 60,000 to 1,00,000 rupees.