Lip Augmentation Surgery in Bangalore

When you smile you reveal one of the most gorgeous qualities of your personality and no we are not talking about your looks, we are talking about your warmth and ability to spread joy. A smile is the best way to spread some sunshine in everyone else’s lives. But what if your lips are too small, or too flat then would your smile still look that gorgeous? What if your lips are sagging due to age and this doesn’t allow you to smile fully?

Nobody wants their smile to be hidden due to smaller, flatter or droopy lips. Now there is a solution in sight for this problem. It is a simple minimally invasive cosmetic procedure called Lip Augmentation. Dr.Kishore , a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon performs Lip Augmentation safely and effectively at his clinic.

What is Lip Augmentation Surgery?

However, too large, or too thin lips may require lip contouring or lip shaping. Lip correction can be a non-surgical as well as a surgical procedure. However, too large, or too thin lips may require lip contouring or lip shaping. Lip correction can be a non-surgical as well as a surgical procedure. For a optimum result, lip contouring surgery is considered.


Lip shaping surgery is done to alter the appearance and size of lips. It may be performed alone or in combination with other facial plastic surgeries such as facelift, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or jaw augmentation.

Lip contouring employs both lip reduction and lip augmentation technique depending on patient’s requirement. Let us learn about both the methods in detail.

1. Lip reduction – Lip reduction or reduction cheiloplasty is a cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of protruding or abnormally large lips.

2. Lip augmentation- Lip augmentation is the procedure that will make your lips sensual, fuller and bigger.


Who is an Ideal Candidate for Lip Enhancement or Lip Augmentation?

Lip Enhancement is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can be performed on patients who fit into the following criteria:

  • An overall healthy person.
  • A person who is unhappy with the appearance of their lips and wants to enhance them
  • Candidate has realistic expectations from the procedure
  • It is important to note here that candidate could be either male or female since this procedure is gender-neutral

Recovery After Lip Augmentation Surgery

Recovery, after injection, may take a maximum of 1 - 2 days. Usually, hours are enough for recovery. For lip implants, the recovery time is 1-2 weeks; drooling and temporary stiffness of the lips may be experienced during the recovery period.

When will I see results after my Lip Augmentation surgery?

The result is visible immediately and becomes more visible as swelling and bruise go off. Try to avoid strenuous exercises for a few weeks and avoid directly going under the sun, as it could alter the results.

What is the cost of Lip Augmentation Surgery in Bangalore?

The total cost of the surgery takes various factors into consideration. Some of the factors are the expertise of the surgeon, consistency, and safety track record of the surgeon, and extent of surgery. Some of the factors such as anaesthesiologist’s expertise, in addition to staff support and quality of post-operative services, type of hospital facility, and technology in the operation theatre and sterilization precisions used for the surgery decide the cost. The cost of each lip augmentation surgery is as unique as you are depending upon the cost of surgery and other factors cost will vary from 40,000 to 70,000 rupees.