Lip Lift Surgery

Luscious Lips… Now Guaranteed

With the passage of time, every part of our body ages. Even our lips do, and tend to wilt and droop. The main issue is degrading condition of skin structure and the tissues around the lips. In addition to this, volume loss also is a part of the phenomenon. Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery understands this problem and deals with different lip procedures to beautify your smile and also tackles sensitive information such as lip lift surgery cost in India or about which are the best surgeons for lip lift. We have professional doctors to perform different types of lip lift surgeries and bring all smiles on your face.

Why choose Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery for lip lift surgery?

Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery makes sure to serve every patient’s requirements and provides solutions to his/her expectations with any plastic surgery chosen. We make our patients feel comfortable and satisfied with the procedure they choose, so that they feel happy with it.

You can choose our Lip Lift Surgery if you have the following needs:

  • When you wish to have permanent results, rather than the temporary fillers injected into your lips
  • If you previously had rhinoplasty, but the upper lip is long
  • You have naturally flat and thin lips, which are invisible most of the times and give you a stiff look
  • You had facial surgeries and your lips don’t go well with your facial contour
  • Your lips are sagging and getting out of shape with time
  • You have unbalanced lips
  • You have around 10 to 20 days of free time for healing and other minor procedures after the surgery

Our counselling sessions seek to give you maximum information such as our world class expertise thanks to the best lip lift surgeons or the related lip lift surgery cost in India

Types of lip lift surgery you can go with?

  • Subnasal lip lift surgery: Some people have complaint with their upper lip being long and when it elongates with the age. Subnasal lip lift will deal with such concerns by making an incision under the nose area. This surgery will render your red lip a poutier look. Hence, you can smile wide and get the best snaps.
  • Vermillion advancing lip lift surgery: A new approached is used and the thin lips are improved by making an incision over the border of lip. The excess area can be then removed and red lip can be advanced in the upward way. However, if there is a scar or mark at border then it is better to use lipstick and hide it.
  • Italian lip lift surgery: This surgery will give an enhanced effect with the use of short incision. Two short incisions are made under nostrils; this surgery is perfect for a subtle look. The focus is given more on area below nostril.
  • Corner lip lift surgery: It removes a little sliver from bother ends of the lip. A careful procedure is adopted for this surgery as it raises the down corners of the lips.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned procedures, Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery can stand up to your expectations, at very reasonable costs. All you have to do is, drop in a mail or call us anytime with your queries to do away with your lip issues.