Lip Reshaping Surgery in Bangalore

The corner lip lift, or ‘smile lift,’ is a surgical procedure designed to turn up the corners of a drooping mouth. A downturn in the corners of the mouth is a distinct sign of ageing and also communicates feelings of unhappiness. It can also affect the functionality of the mouth and patients often complain of ‘uncontrollable dribbling’ from the mouth corners, particularly in their sleep.

The ‘mouth frown’ can be difficult to correct using injectable fillers alone and is only a temporary measure. By surgically ‘fixing’ the corners of the mouth back into their natural position a lift is created that is both rejuvenating and permanent. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and does not affect the lip movement or the shape of your lips. It is suitable for both men and women.

Who is the right candidate for Corner Lip Lift Surgery?

If you are a generally healthy adult who believes that your mouth corners are detracting from your look, you are an excellent candidate for corner lip lift. Here are the few examples:

  • Anatomical downturn in the mouth corners
  • Functionality problems associated with downturn of mouth corners
  • Deep grooves at the mouth corners that do not, or no longer respond to, dermal fillers

Lip Reshaping and Reduction Surgery Before and After Recovery

The mouth is very vascular and as such heals quickly. The incisions are less that 4mm long and are made just on the border of the corners of the lip. This means that the scars will not be visible at all once the healing process is complete.

Although the lip reduction procedure is short and relatively straightforward, patients can expect minimal swelling and bruising, which can take 1 to 2 weeks to fully subside. Most people return to work and regular activities within 7-10 days, and the sutures are typically removed after 5 days. Within a week or so, most patients begin to see the results of the procedure though it may take a few months to see the full, permanent results.


How much Corner lip lift surgery cost in Bangalore?

The total cost of the Lip reshaping & reduction Surgery takes various factors into consideration. Some of the factors are the expertise of the surgeon, consistency, and safety track record of the surgeon, and extent of surgery. Some of the factors such as anaesthesiologist’s expertise, in addition to staff support and quality of post-operative services, type of hospital facility, and technology in the operation theatre and sterilization precisions used for the surgery decide the cost. Lip reshaping surgery cost in Bangalore is as unique as you are depending upon the cost of surgery and other factors cost will vary from 40,000 to 70,000 rupees.