Genioplasty – Chin Enhancement Surgery

Physical features define not just the quotient of attractiveness but also your personality and relationships. Genioplasty or Chin Augmentation is a minor plastic surgery procedure that can make a dramatic improvement in your looks and the way others perceive you. Chin amplification helps adjust your lower jaw to create a chiseled look, and other complimenting facial facets. You can undergo an immense confidence boost with just a couple of hours of minimally-invasive surgery at extremely reasonable cost thanks to the expertise of Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery. We provide the most sophisticated infrastructure through the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore. We will transform you to someone you have always wanted to be.

The USP of Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery

Our clinic uses premium quality POREX (porous polyethylene) implants and biocompatible solid silicone (AART and Implantech®) for Genioplasty procedures. These implants are thoroughly washed in antiseptic before being inserted into your lower jaw via a surgical insertion around your jaw. The insertion we make is highly precise as per the facial structure and controlled to give you the soft natural look. The snuggly fitting implant will ensure that you don’t feel any awkwardness even after an hour of the surgery.

Why Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery?

Our procedures are accomplished through local anesthesia and done in highly specialized and best cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore. All procedures are carried out under the care of best plastic surgery doctor in Bangalore. There are several advantages when you choose to undergo Genioplasty from Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery including:

  • Precision: As already said, we choose to do a thorough and clean job. With the help of highly specialised equipment and tools, our surgeons will ensure that a minimal puncture is made to your jaw to place the implant in the precise position. An hour of swelling after the surgery is common but beyond that you can look and feel completely normal.
  • Experienced doctors: All our Genioplasty specialists come from revered background and have undergone training in some of the most reputed clinics across the globe. We don’t just hold certification but our experience guarantees that you can expect the best job thanks to the best plastic surgery doctor in Bangalore.
  • World class facilities: Though chin enhancement surgery is relatively new in India, we aim to introduce the world standards into the process. All our equipment and infrastructure facilities are strictly gauged by a global body of experts, giving us the flexibility to deliver the most effective results at our best cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore.
  • After care: We take care of all your needs and diagnosis, both before, during and after the treatment. This helps us ensure that you aren’t facing any awkwardness or unwanted side effects as a result of our procedure.
  • Pricing: Dr. Pentyala’s Cosmetic Surgery offers a standardized rate of Genioplasty surgery. You can be sure that the money you invest in your change of looks is worth it. Our surgeons have worked with some of the most well know n global faces, including models, sportsmen and leading entrepreneurs. However, the same procedure is available for the common masses in a reasonable rate

Looking good is something that everyone deserves. Now that we have the perfect solution, its time you walk to us and walk out changed and improved! Call our representatives for a compatibility test today itself.