Wart Removal Treatment in Bangalore

Try imagining the following situation. There's a prestigious occasion on cards, and you wish to wear that stunning off-shoulder evening gown you bought last summer. But this wish is not going to get fulfilled, because there's a stubborn and undesired skin outgrowth on your right shoulder. You are heartbroken and do not want to go to the party anymore. Does this situation sound familiar? Is it the first time you are hearing about it or have already experienced it before? In case you opt for the latter option, it's high time to take action by contacting us at Dr.Pentyala's for top rate wart removal procedure.

Undesired outgrowths on your skin's surface are known as warts, and they play a key role in causing severe skin infections. Since warts are serious skin issues, it won't be judicious to rely on external treatments or the ineffective ointments available on the market. What you require is a more targeted approach along with intensive cosmetic treatments. And who better than the leading skincare clinic will render the most useful assistance during such crucial occasions.

Why opt for wart removal treatments?

Warts can result in undesired infections, thus blowing your discomforts out of proportion. Undergoing the most effective, non-scarring and minimally-invasive wart removal treatments will be the best thing to do. You will no longer need to be conscious while wearing your favorite outfits, thus captivating everybody's attention.

Why Dr.Pentyala's?

Warts or moles can take your overall appearance from dazzling to disturbing. Especially, if they show up on the facial skin, you will have more hassles to face. With a crystal clear understanding of warts and a range of effective wart removal treatments, we at Dr.Pentyala's will prove to be your trusted skin specialists.Therefore, we always try our best to offer cosmetic and surgical treatments that work for your skin.

Reasons to choose us

Highly experienced skincare surgeons: The team of cosmetic surgeons and skincare experts working with us at Dr.Pentyala's are masters of their trade. With a strong knowledge-base and professional experience, they are truly the best-in-business.

Availability of current treatments: Technological advancements have taken the entire world by a storm. As one of the leading skincare clinics, we offer the most recent and state-of-the-art wart removal treatment in Bangalore. From CO2 Laser Therapy to Fractional Q-switched Laser treatments, we will provide the best treatments to our esteemed clients.

Post care: Wart removal treatments demand proper after-care. At Dr.Pentyala's, we leave no stone unturned in offering that to our clients. If any critical problem persists, we will be there to help you out.

Results after the treatment:

After wart removal treatment, in 1-2 weeks you will see improvement in the appearance of your skin.


It takes hardly 45-60 min, considered consultation.

No of sessions:

It depends on your requirement.

How much wart removal treatment cost in Bangalore?

At Dr Pentyala's, wart removal treatment cost in Bangalore starts from 3500 INR per session.

Next Consultation:

At Dr Pentyala's Clinic, our support doesn't end with achieving your cosmetic goals. So, without any further delay, make sure to get in touch with us to achieve best results from most liked wart removal treatment clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore. For more information on wart removal or to Book an Appointment, Call Dr Pentyala's at: +91 9901349691 / 080-40992418 or Mail us drpentyalas@gmail.com