Skin Hydration in Bangalore

The biggest culprit of all the rough diet and pollution is our skin. Being at the receiving end of toxins and free radicals, our skin tends to get older sooner than normal. Dull looking skin and irregular texture is the worst outcome of modern lifestyle. When your skin doesn't get the time to rejuvenate and is continuously deprived of essential nutrients, it tends to lose its charm. This is where the hydration therapy treatment in India comes to your rescue with amazing results.

Why you need Skin Hydration Therapy?

Going for hydration therapy is an intelligent form of skin brightening treatment in Bangalore. Once your dermatologist at Dr.Pentyala's examines your skin, he will guide you about this cosmetic treatment in Bangalore and the expenses related to it. Our skin doctors will focus on your major skin lines that have stolen away youth and suppleness from your face. After going through a comfortable laser induced cosmetic procedure, you will experience that these fine lines have become weaker paving way for a youthful looking you. Skin hydration therapy is mainly aimed at rejuvenating exposed areas like face, neck, and hands and banish acne scarring.

Who need skin hydration?

Through laser induced hydration, worry lines are lightened that come forward after many years of stressful living. Fine lines lying between nose to mouth also are an age increasing factor which are minimized by skin hydration procedure. Irregular looking lip line is toned and nourished to develop into a well-defined lip line making it a prominent feature of your face. Lip volume is also developed considerably once tissues in your lips become nourished after a brief hydration treatment.

How skin hydration helps you?

No one wants to look dull and older than their age. Same falls true for you too. If you have been worrying too much about your worry lines and smile lines, forget these completely with a few sessions of our skin hydration treatment. When considerable fine lines from your face are wiped out, you spot a fresh and glamorous look again. Feelings of strength, freshness and youth come all the way along after you have rewarded your skin with nourishing hydration treatment in Bangalore.

Results after the treatment:

After skin hydration treatment, within no time you will see improvement in the appearance of your skin.


It takes hardly 45-60 min, considered consultation.

No of sessions:

It's good to take skin hydration facials 3 months once, also depends on your requirement.

How much skin hydration treatment cost in Bangalore?

Costs vary between the types of facials. At Dr Pentyala's, skin hydration treatment cost in Bangalore starts from 3500 INR per session.

Next Consultation:

At Dr Pentyala's Clinic, our support doesn't end with achieving your cosmetic goals. So, without any further delay, make sure to get in touch with us to achieve best results from most liked skin hydration treatment clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore. For more information on skin hydration or to Book an Appointment, Call Dr Pentyala's at: +91 9901349691 / 080-40992418 or Mail us