Oxygen Facial Treatment in Bangalore

A smooth, soft, supple, and glowing skin is what every individual wishes to achieve. And it's not just women, men also give a lot of importance to personal care and beauty treatments. Although the nature of your skin gets determined by quite a few genetic and physiological aspects, its care and maintenance are completely on you. So, if you don't care for it now, your skin will surely give it back to you in future. Effective skin massages and facial treatments enhance blood circulation in your body, thus resulting in a radiant and supple skin. What more, with efficient assistance from experts like Dr.Pentyala's, the best skin specialist in Bangalore, you can even fight the signs of ageing, feeling younger than ever!

What is Oxygen facial?

Oxy facials refer to a unique and comprehensive process of penetrating oxygen molecules into your skin. The process involves high-precision exfoliation incorporated with a direct approach. The high-pressurized stream of oxygen molecules also contains several other essential minerals, vitamins, and nutritional extracts making it the perfect energizer for your skin.
The astounding benefits of oxy facials earn it unprecedented popularity amongst stars of the silver screen. Quite naturally, numerous beauty and health conscious individuals are opting for it.
Since the successful and effective performance of oxy-facials depends on professional assistance, you will require associating with the most reliable cosmetic treatment clinics. And with Dr.Pentyala's by your side, you simply don't need to look for other options.

Why you need oxygen facial treatment?

With tech innovations gaining grounds, brand new beauty treatments and cosmetic surgeries are becoming highly popular amongst individuals. While searching for clinics offering the most effective oxygen facial treatment in Bangalore, you will have a lot of options to choose from. However, associating with Dr.Pentyala's will turn out to be the wisest decision. Some of the top reasons for choosing our services include:

  • Efficient treatment support
  • Skilled team of specialists
  • Industry-relevant techniques

With these qualities and highly effective oxyfacial treatment in India, we at Dr.Pentyala's will emerge as your skin renovation experts.

Pros of oxygen facial treatment

By boosting collagen production and enhancing cell regeneration, oxyfacials slow down the process of ageing. Those opting for this treatment receive a flawless, younger-looking, and glowing skin. Moreover, there's also an upliftment in their overall skin health.
Healthy skin is your key to looking and feeling beautiful. Get in touch with Dr.Pentyala's now, and bid farewell to rough and uneven skin forever.

Results after the treatment:

After oxy facial treatment, within no time you will see improvement in the appearance of your skin.


It takes hardly 45-60 min, considered consultation.

No of sessions:

It's good to take oxy facials 3 months once, also depends on your skin.

How much oxygen facial treatment cost in Bangalore?

Costs vary between the types of facials. At Dr Pentyala's, oxy-facials treatment cost in Bangalore starts from 3500 INR per session.

Next Consultation:

At Dr Pentyala's Clinic, our support doesn't end with achieving your cosmetic goals. So, without any further delay, make sure to get in touch with us to achieve best results from most liked oxy facial treatment clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore. For more information on oxy-facial or to Book an Appointment, Call Dr Pentyala's at: +91 9901349691 / 080-40992418 or Mail us drpentyalas@gmail.com