Facial Feminization Forehead Surgery in India

Thousands of people from the transgender community opt for our FFS caliber to look more feminine. One of the major problems that these people face is the way the male forehead differs from the female forehead. Owing to differences anatomy, the male forehead is characteristically of a different shape, size and contour from a female forehead. With the correct forehead feminization surgical techniques, this disparity can be cured and patients opting for such surgery at Dr.Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery can go on to live their lives as feminine, attractive women.

One of the most faced problems that male to female transgender people deal with on a daily basis is the problem of appearance. Since male anatomy is considerably different from female anatomy, there are certain tell-tale characteristic properties of the male face that might hinder the overall look and identity of transgender people. For this reason, people from the transgender community routinely look for means to change their appearance and bring it more in tune with their newfound sexual identity.

Major Forehead Structure of Facial Feminization Surgery

The skilled surgeons are expert in recognizing the patterns and various aspects in a face that need to be modified and the extent to which it needs to be modified in order to carry out a successful job of forehead feminization. Our state-of-the-art facility in India is well equipped to cater to a wide range of Facial Feminization Surgery requirement of patients from all over the world who may have varying degree of disparities on the face. To correct these disparities in the forehead across genders, several cosmetic surgery techniques are employed by us at Dr.Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery. These techniques are designed to eliminate characteristic male properties from the forehead and transform the look of the forehead to be more in tune with the characteristic feminine properties.

As an integral part of our FFS skills, the forehead is contoured to provide a gentle, feminine look to patients. Usually, the main incision during the surgery is made along the hairline. We prefer to make the incision higher up as the hair growth better covers the resultant scar. In rare cases, a gentle shaving of the brow ridge is all it takes to make the face look more feminine. However, in most cases a complete reconstruction of the outside wall of the frontal sinuses is a prime requirement. Excess tissue is removed from the cavity and the eyebrows are then stretched in a way to better fit the female profile. By performing our forehead lift and suturing the skin shut, the procedure can be completed.


It takes 1-2 hours of time, and medication provided for next 5 days.

Post-treatment care:

After forehead correction, we will offer post treatment care and doctor will be available throughout the recovery time.

Results after the treatment:

After a successful forehead correction, immediately you will notice the change. But it takes 2-3 weeks to see the results and scar marks also will fade away.

How much facial feminization forehead correction surgery cost?

At Dr.Pentyala’s, forehead correction cost in Bangalore starts from 90,000 rupees, depends on the requirement. There are no hidden costs, and medication is free.

Why Dr.Pentyala’s?

Our cosmetic surgeons have been doing consistent good work for decades and are well versed with the many technicalities and intricacies which are commonly associated with facial feminization forehead correction surgery. Carried out in outpatient facilities, our surgeries use local anesthesia and are minimally invasive, ensuring that recovery times are short. We also engage in transparent discussions with all our patients to get a clear idea about their appearance goals and help them achieve those goals through our high-quality surgeries. Till date, we have helped many patients with our facial feminization forehead correction surgery.

Next Consultation:

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