FFS Hairline Lowering Surgery in India

Forehead work is often paired with procedures to alter the hairline to counteract the effects of receding hairlines or male pattern baldness.

The forehead is accessed through an incision in the scalp. The most common approach is to cut along the hairline, which allows for the scalp and hairline to be physically moved forward, lowering the entire hairline. This was the only procedure available for many years. Hairline advancement became the default standard, despite sometimes having a masculinizing effect.

What are the differences between a female and a male hairline?

The upper half of your face tells the world very much about your gender, and your hairline is a critical aspect of facial gender confirmation because it essentially “frames” your entire face. A masculine hairline is typically further back on the skull than a feminine one, creating the appearance of a larger, more prominent forehead. In comparison, the feminine hairline is lower down on the forehead and more rounded in shape with hair appearing more graduated or “wispy” at its edges. If you are seeking a more feminine aspect, you will need to lower your male hairline into the normal feminine range of hairline height and shape.

How is hairline lowering performed?

The surgery is performed by making a trichophytic incision along the natural hairline and then bringing the hair-bearing tissue of the scalp forward. Individual hair follicles may then be transplanted after closure to further feminize the shape of the hairline and create a more natural- looking hairline.

Why Choose Dr.Pentyala’s for Hairline Lowering Surgery?

You can be rest assured your surgery will give you good results because each of our surgeons is an expert in their field. So, whether you opt for tracheal shaving, cheek augmentation, chin lifts or scalp advancement, our expert team of surgeons can handle it all. Before the procedure, our cosmetic surgeon will sit down with you and understand your desire and goal. Thereafter, you will receive detailed information on the various procedures to help accomplish your goal. We also educate you on the risks involved, so that you can make an informed decision.

Our patient testimonials and before-after pictures of past patients give you a sense of what our surgeons can achieve.


It takes 1-2 hours of time, and medication provided for next 5 days.

Post-treatment care:

After facial feminization hairline lowering surgery, we will offer post treatment care and doctor will be available throughout the recovery time.

Results after the treatment:

After a successful facial feminization hairline lowering surgery, immediately you will notice the change. But it takes 2-3 weeks to see the results and scar marks also will fade away.

How much facial feminization hairline lowering surgery cost in India?

At Dr.Pentyala’s, facial feminization hairline lowering surgery cost in India starts from 70,000 rupees, depends on the requirement. There are no hidden costs, and medication is free.

Next Consultation:

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