Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Hair fall and baldness are problems that haunt millions of people nowadays. While hair thinning occurs with age naturally, in some people the process accelerates in their 30s or even earlier. A lot of them try OTC hair fall solutions, but the result is not always satisfying.

Hair transplant is a better option but in some cases, the results may not be desirable as well. Would not it be better to opt for a solution that covers bald patches but does not create any adverse effects? That is where the Scalp Micropigmentation offered by us at Dr.Pentyala's shows its true prowess. It is one of the most sought after options for coping with baldness, mostly in men.

Top Notch Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Bangalore, India

We are the best hair treatment clinic in Bangalore, offering Scalp micropigmentation. Our skilled hair specialist in Bangalore have the expertise and setup to ensure that clients get the best possible results.

  • In this process, a fine tattoo needle with the size of a hair follicle is used to implant pigment on scalp. These tiny dots resemble the growing hair follicles to others. This gives you a buzz cut look. It has been in use for quite some time and safety is not jeopardized.
  • At Dr.Pentyala's we carry out Scalp micropigmentation in India on both men and women with any skin color. It can also be used on spots where there is a scar left by any accident. The process is minimally invasive and does not lead to bleeding, scarring, or risk of developing scalp infection.
  • It does not involve much pain. For skin tattoos, the needles need to go deeper into the skin compared to the way specialized needles are used for Scalp Micropigmentation. On top of that, the clinic uses medications to numb the pain the clients may feel during the process.
  • The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation is extremely affordable. Our state of the art clinic in Bangalore offers really competitive rates for this procedure. However, the final cost depends on the area of the head that needs to be covered with microdots.

Advantages you can obtain from Scalp micropigmentation

There are several advantages that you can avail by seeking Scalp Micro pigmentation treatments through Dr.Pentyala's in Bangalore, India. When you opt for Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, you can sport a styling and cool looking buzz cut appearance. There is no need to use wig, cap, or anything to hide bald patches. It enhances your appearance and gives you the confidence to attend social events.

You feel more assured while dating or even when meeting people for professional requirements. You look smart need it feels great when people start paying you compliments for the new look.

Choose Dr.Pentyala's if you need accurate and lasting results from Scalp micropigmentation in Bangalore. With this treatment done under our expert supervision, you can go out and win over the world with your confidence. Get in touch with our clinic to learn more.