Q-switch Laser Treatment

A youthful, blemish free and radiant skin is not only the mark of beauty in today’s world. It is also a confidence booster and helps you mingle with the people without any hesitation. It is no hidden fact that people opt for many skin treatment solutions ranging from over the counter ointments to elaborate plastic surgeries. However, such archaic procedures take a long time to show results and have unpredictable side effects. The quick procedures on the other hand, such as elaborate surgeries are highly expensive and out of reach for the majority.

As a solution, Dr.Pentyala's brings within your reach a highly effective hyper pigmentation reduction procedure. The Q-switch laser procedure by Dr.Pentyala's in Bangalore comes highly recommended with absolutely no side effects and quick results.

What does the Q-switch laser offer?

The Q-switch laser is an effective alternative to the no-frills laser technique and is comparatively safer and cheaper. It works on any type of skin pigmentation caused due to sun tanning, acne scarring, blemishes, dark ankles, or elbows, etc. The laser uses short bursts of energy of a certain wavelength to dissolve the accumulated melanin in the dark spots. After dissolution the melanin is naturally absorbed and removed by the body without any side effects. What’s left behind is a clear and blemish free skin. The Q-switch laser can also be used for tattoo removal as ink is nothing but a man-made melanin accumulated as a tattoo.

The highly acclaimed Q-switch laser treatment in Bangalore, India

At Dr.Pentyala's we offer the best in class Q switch laser treatment in Bangalore and possibly in India too. Here are a few good reasons why you should opt for our services in your pursuit of radiant complexion.

  • With years of experience and clinical research, we boast of a highly trained and experienced team of doctors and technicians. At Dr.Pentyala's we work diligently to keep our position of the best skin care clinic in Bangalore. No stone is left unturned for customer service and results delivery.
  • The Q-switch laser technique in Bangalore is carried out with utmost professionalism and efficiency by our team. The technique offers blemish free, spot-free and radiant looking skin with absolutely no side effects and/or downtime.
  • The Q-switch laser Technique in Bangalore offered by our clinic is essentially a lunch break procedure requiring hardly 10-15 minutes of your time. After a quick procedure you can see visible results within a day.
  • At Dr.Pentyala's we believe in giving the complete solution and will not leave your side until you have the results you paid for. We will take care of the post treatment conditions, providing complete skin care packages to protect your skin from sun, dust or any other intruding stimulus. You can be assured that the Q-switch laser technique in Bangalore offered by us will be the best in class.

This can be your one stop shop to all your skin darkening problems. Be it tanning, spot darkening or over all facial darkening, we can rejuvenate your skin and deliver what you deserve. Call up for a consultation today and we will fail to disappoint you for sure!