Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

People go to any length to appear younger and have great skin texture. To achieve this objective, both women and men resort to so many methods. From applying expensive anti wrinkle and age reversing lotions and creams to going for botox shots, you can do many things. However, such solutions may not bring desired effects and even lead to side effects.

Instead of visiting the costly Spas and investing in those luxury skin care products, you may opt for PRP therapy at Dr.Pentyala's, the best skin clinic in Bangalore. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves using platelet component of blood is used to spearhead renewal and repair of skin cells. Carried out under the masterful supervision of the best skin specialist in Bangalore, this results in brighter skin texture and elasticity of skin.

Top PRP skin treatment in Bangalore, India

Our clinic has a reputation of offering exceptional quality skin treatments to rejuvenate your skin. Our PRP therapy in Bangalore is suitable for clients of varying ages. Your skin will get an immediate boost in terms of elasticity and radiance.

  • Our clinic has expert Dermatologist in Bangalore to evaluate whether you are fit for the procedure. Everything is done with absolute precision to eliminate the risk of any side effects.
  • The blood collection from the veins, separation of platelets - everything is done using latest setup and cutting edge devices at our clinic. Once the platelets are ready for applications, they are injected into an area of the face where skin renewal is required.
  • The benefits of availing PRP in India at Dr.Pentyala's include a lower risk of allergic reactions. While slight skin redness or swelling may take place, they subside soon. Since blood from your body is used, the question of risk of any rejection simply doesn’t arise. Another significant advantage of deploying PRP therapy is that it can be used with other skin treatment procedures.

Benefits offered by advanced PRP treatments

You can obtain a number of benefits by opting for PRP treatments at India.

At Dr.Pentyala's, PRP is a tried and tested procedure which has been applied on thousands of adult individuals and success rate is high. After the process is done, you can return home in quick time. PRP carried out at Dr.Pentyala's has lasting effect for more than a year unlike other procedures which bring temporary results. Thanks to the best skin specialist in Bangalore, the procedure can be done within an hour.

Gradually, you begin to see improved skin texture and radiance at the areas where PRP is applied. The glow your skin imparts along with its new found elasticity makes you look younger. It feels great when people start paying compliments for youthful looks. It also has a positive impact on social and professional life that you will be able to feel.

Do check out the skin treatment options we have available at Dr.Pentyala's your best skin specialist in Bangalore.