Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

If you struggle with removing unwanted hair, you are not alone. If you are worried about unwanted hair and want to get rid of them permanently, you can simply step in to the state of the art clinic at ‘Dr.Pentyala's’ for advanced Laser hair Removal in India. With the series of treatments, this technology can get rid of unwanted body hair forever.

What is the difference between laser hair reduction and removal?

At Dr.Pentyala's, we are adept at both - laser hair removal Bangalore and hair reduction. Many patients are confused by these terms being used as synonyms. In permanent laser hair removal, you will be essentially hair-free in the treated areas for life. However, some prefer the term laser hair reduction, due to the possibility of minimal re-growth without maintenance treatments further.

At Dr.Pentyala's, we know that complete removal of hair is not necessary in all the cases. Sometimes, one may simply need to clean up some areas that shouldn’t have hair. In some cases, the density needs to be thinned out. For e.g. many men would like less chest hair, but do not want it removed completely. Our skilled laser hair removal doctor in Bangalore will provide treatment exclusively as per your requirement for lasting effects.

Benefits at Dr.Pentyala's?

  • Experts work as per needs - Our expert surgeons will guide you on the procedure as per your needs and requirements. This Laser hair Removal in India treatment is precision oriented, targeting one follicle at a time, and thus it is customizable as per patients’ needs. The treatment can be used for removing unwanted hair from any part of the body, including face, leg, arm, underarm etc. It is not just zapping unwanted hair, it is a proven medical procedure and requires the expert hands of skilled surgeons available with ‘Dr.Pentyala's’.
  • Specific and beneficial- The main benefits include precision and predictability of the treatment. Also the time taken for one session is quite less.
  • Well defined procedure– As the treatment uses lasers to target roots of hair underneath skin, so before getting the treatment through, a complete check-up of patients is carried out by the expert and fully trained experts at ‘Dr.Pentyala's’, the best laser hair removal clinic in Bangalore. Some precautions will be advised by our consultants both – before and after treatment. This will help you get rid of unwanted hair for several months.
  • The pros of treatment- Laser hair Removal in India is easy and convenient, and can be followed easily along with few precautions as recommended by our hair reduction specialists in Bangalore. After the treatment unwanted hair can be reduced to a large extent. Along with the laser hair removal, periodic maintenance treatments is also offered as per the individual’s hair growth pattern.

If you are troubled by unwanted hair on few parts of body, or are fed up of the temporary hair removing techniques at home, you can just book an appointment at ‘Dr.Pentyala's’, one of the best places for Laser hair Removal in India.