Chemical Peel Treatment

As we age, the skin ages too, becoming dull, sun damaged, unevenly pigmented, wrinkled, spotted, and rough. Chemical peels are becoming routine treatment options for improving evenness of color and texture of skin and for maintaining a youthful look. ‘Dr.Pentyala's’ in Bangalore, India is emerging as the preferred cosmetic clinic for high quality and high impact chemical peels that last long.

Our USP – holistic skin rejuvenation through chemical peels

The Chemical Peels in India offered by us at Dr.Pentyala's is one the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Some of the common applications suggested by the best skin specialist in Bangalore include the below -

  • The peels can be done on the face, neck, and hands.
  • They can be used to reduce fine lines under eyes and around the mouth.
  • They are also used to treat wrinkles and acne scars.
  • They also reduce age spots, dark patches, scars, freckles and rough skin and patches. The chemical peel however won’t be able to treat loose skin, remove deep scars or change pore size. It can be considered very easy as there is no anesthesia or sedation needed.

Why Chemical Peels?

Some common reasons to opt for chemical peels may be if you have sun damages skin. Facial wrinkling or uneven skin color with blotchiness, sunspots, brown spots can also be treated. If you have certain precancerous skin growths you can go for this treatment as well.

Value offerings at Dr.Pentyala's

  • Benefits of Treatment - Chemical Peels in Bangalore have minimal aftercare and recovery but provide amazingly long lasting effects. Sun exposure and smoking after a chemical peel must be avoided to avoid any cause unwanted side effects or infections. You can minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions recommended by ‘Dr.Pentyala's’, the best skin clinic in Bangalore.
  • Customized Treatment -Our specialized team treats all the patients according to skin type and needs. A thorough evaluation our dermatologic surgeon is imperative before embarking upon a chemical peel. To focus on what is good for you consulting aesthetic plastic surgeon with us is advisable. Other characteristics of your skin, such as its thickness and texture, may influence whether you are a good candidate for chemical peels. If you are in good general health, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this Chemical Peels in India.
  • Post Treatment Care- During peel application, you may experience a slight tingling or a burning sensation according to the peels procedure. These sensations are usually minimal for light and medium peels but are more severe for deep peels. A deeper peel requires little of after care and a long recuperation period as well. The different options will depend on the treatment depth suggested by our surgeon based upon your health and goals. The recovery will also depend on technique and depth of treatment. Our post treatment care providers take care of all different situations. As a result, our Chemical Peels in Bangalore comes across as one of the most trusted treatment option to fight aging without the complications associated

Get unprecedented skin radiance with our proven range cosmetic treatment options. If you are looking for getting freshen up treatment for any particular occasion may be or just to have wonderful skin care, just go for Chemical Peels treatment in Bangalore at ‘Dr.Pentyala's’.